Security deposit
• Security deposit will be in cash or by a credit card (Visa or Master Card)

Cleaning Fees
• Cleaning fee must be paid on board in cash. Includes linen(sheets-towels), outboard, fuel for the outboard, dingy with oars, two gas bottles, cleaning of the yacht, snorkeling set per cabin, water and electricity only to our base in Volos the first and the last day on board.

Fuel Tank
You will receive the yacht with a full tank of fuel. At the end of your charter, a fuel van will refill the yacht’s fuel tank at your check-out, and you will be charged with the amount of fuel that you have used during your charter.

Documents required at check-in: • Booking Confirmation/Boarding Pass • Passport or Identity Card for all crew • Original skippers sailing license/certificate (in English language or officially translated) • Credit card with enough funds for the Security Deposit

Conditions - Benefits - Obligations

Once you have chosen the sailing yacht you like and for the period you wish, please send us your request. We shall answer about the availability and the prices. Once you agree we will send you the charter party and the details for a deposit of 50% of the total cost. Your booking shall be confirmed upon the receipt of the signed charter party and the deposit of 50%. The booking process without the completion of the above procedures cannot take more than a week. The remaining 50% shall be deposited 45 days before departure.
For bookings that are canceled before 90 days before embarkation, a 50% of the charter deposit shall be returned to you and we retain 200€ cancelation fee. For bookings that are canceled between 90 and 45 days before embarkation, 50% of the total cost of the charter retained. For bookings that are canceled less than 45 days before embarkation, the total cost of the charter retained. In the case, though, the owner charter the sailing yacht under the same conditions and during the same dates, it is practice that he/she shall return the deposit (apart from the costs incurred for the owner of the sailing yacht), although he/she is not obliged by the law to do so. Cancelation policy duo to covid-19 The full amount that have been paid to us till the day of cancelation, will be returned to our client when our client can not come to our base duo to proven covid-19 restrictions or flights cancelations and we don't retain 200€ cancelation fee. For any other cancelation reason than proven Covid-19 restrictions we use cancelation policy and as well we keep 200€ cancelation fee for canceled bookings.
Insurance includes full insurance of the sailing yachts and the crew against accident due to the owner’s or the crew’s negligence or due to the sailing yacht’s fault. Charterers must arrange their own insurance coverage for illnesses or accidents due to their own negligence or accidents that have occurred by chance. Patronis Sailing company is not responsible for any loss that may occur, if the insurance cannot compensate you as a result of any inaccurate information you have provided. At check-in procedure, you will be asked for an online authorization of your credit card (VISA or Mastercard) for your security deposit. At check-out, if there has been no damage, Patronis Sailing will instruct their bank to release the amount that is being held as a guarantee against your credit card. Do you want to have the best coverage during your trip? In the following link you can choose the insurance coverage (assistance during your trip) that best fits you. PATRONIS SAILING highly recommend you book a travel insurance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.
Our base manager along with the Skipper/charterer in accordance with the inventory list and which is signed by both parties.

Embarkation time: 05.00 pm

Disembarkation time: 09.00 am

During the procedure feel free to ask anything you have in mind about the sailing yacht, the trip, the weather. It is our pleasure to fully inform you.

The sailing yacht should be back at the base the day before the end of the charter party latest at 06:00 pm

The cost for charter a sailing yacht depends on the size, the amenities offered as well as the luxury grade provided.

The cost of the fuel, water, food, beverages/drinks and any other special requirements of the shippers are not included in the price per day. Also, the cost of fees of the Isthmus of Corinth (in the case the boat passes through it) and port fees at various ports are not included in the price. VAT is included.

The charter price includes only the chartering of the sailing yacht and its insurance. Deposit is required for the case of equipment loss or for damage and it is returned immediately upon the delivery of the sailing yacht, if it is in its original condition before chartering it. The skipper fee (upon request) is not included in the daily fee.


• Transfer options: TAXI – Mini Nine seats mini bus from N.Anchialos Volos airport, Macedonia Thessaloniki airport or El.Venizelos Athens airport to Volos Base and back (please contact us before to arrange it) or by intercity Bus +30 2421025527.

• In 100 meters from our base there is a supermarket that it is open on Saturday till 8pm. On Sunday it is closed. Patronis Sailing can arrange delivery of your provisions to the yacht for a small charge, in addition to the cost of the provisions but we should know it one week before embarkation.

• Car parking is next to our base.

We can also provide to our customers:

• Wi-Fi Internet Connection

• Baby chair (Free of charge)

• Baby safety net

• SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

• Asymmetric spinnaker with sock

• Outboard engine 5hp

• Wind surf

• Skipper

• Early embarkation (13:00-14:00 hrs) upon request & subject to no damages from the previous charter.

• Inflatable kayak for 2 persons

• Inflatable kids life jacket